Product description

X-ray Control Unit

XCU (X-ray Control Unit) is a device that includes HV module, safety circuits and a series of input and output signals that are necessary to run the system.

The unit is available in two variants: with built-in cooler (XCU-C) or without (XCU-S) for cases where an external cooler for the X-ray source is already available at the site. XCU-C is enclosed in a 4U 19’’ rack mounted enclosure and XCU-S in a 3U 19’’ one. Depending on requirements and uses, X-ray source XCU can be equipped with up to 65 kV high voltage module with maximal power of 75W.

The system can be steered with a platform-independent software that controls and monitors all of its parameters. It is also possible to operate the X-ray shutter remotely through external trigger input.

XCU details